What To Expect From Your First Visit At AMYC

AMYC is different from any other massage/yoga facility to receive your massage treatments and practice your yoga. We are located within VAST Wellness Center in building 3 Suite 107. Our offices are located near the front of the wellness center near the waiting area/reception area.

Because AMYC therapists/instructors are independent contractors, all the therapists work independently. AMYC doesn't have a front desk staff to check clients in/out. We have what we call a virtual assistant offsite to assist us in communicating with our clients.

When you have found suite 107 of VAST Wellness Center, please have a seat in the waiting area and wait for your therapist. There is a water cooler as well as some teas, and, depending on the time of year, we also set out some hot cocoa on occasion. Please help yourself and make yourself at home. Your therapist/instructor will be right with you.

This is a great time to use the restroom which is located in the back stairwell of the building (You may have entered through this stairwell). Please use this time to also complete your medical intake for your client profile for your therapist/instructor to review prior to each appointment/class. If you complete this intake while waiting, just inform your therapist/instructor you submitted the intake online while you were waiting. Medical Intake can be found under the MORE tab at the top of the page.

For massage appointments, once your therapist has changed the sheets from their previous client and sanitizes the room for you, they will come introduce themselves and show you back to one of our 2 offices. Your therapist will ask you a few quick questions to help better assist you. These questions can include areas of stress and pain, areas to avoid, allergies, medical/physical conditions, current medications, and daily physical activities. All of these questions help us design a treatment for your body and your lifestyle to better assist you.


Once the initial interview is complete, the therapist will step out of the office to allow you to undress to your comfort level. We generally have minimal limitations when clients leave their underwear on, so leaving them on is absolutely fine. In the future, if you feel they limited your therapist from getting to much needed areas like the hips, then they can also be removed at your own discretion. Women are recommended to remove their bras or allow their therapist to unhook as needed and rehook for you when finished with the back area. But, to preserve massage time, therapists definitely recommend removing under garments. Draping is required at AMYC for the protection of both clients and therapists. Draping allows us to only expose the area of the body in which we are working and allows clients to remain reserved during their treatments. Draping should never expose a client, or make them feel exposed. Please let your therapist know if their draping technique at all makes you feel uncomfortable so they can make the proper adjustments for you to enjoy your time with us. We are here to serve you, please don't hesitate to voice any questions or concerns with your therapist.


A therapist will try to get a general idea of your perfect desired pressure by asking how the pressure is periodically throughout your session. To limit how often we disturb you during your session to check in on pressure, please don't hesitate to ask your therapist to make adjustments to the pressure or technique they are using throughout your treatment.  The more we get to know you and your body the less that will need to be said during sessions. But, as your service provider, we depend on your feedback throughout your treatment to deliver the best results for you.

When your session is complete, the therapist will let you know, and step out of the office to wash up and allow you to redress. Take your time getting up after your session. With increased circulation you may be light headed after a massage treatment. To avoid light-headedness when getting off the table, its recommended you roll onto your side and take several deep breaths, then sit up on the table and take a few more deep breaths, then finally go ahead and stand up to continue to redress. We want to get as much oxygen to the brain before standing upright to avoid the chance of "blacking out". It is recommended clients drink twice the amount of water they do on a normal day to help flush any toxins released from the muscles during the massage treatment. The body will naturally process these toxins to be disposed of via the bladder. Flushing the body with some extra water just streamlines this process.

A massage treatment is recommended at least once per month. But, depending on your job and daily activities a more frequent treatment may be recommended by your therapist. Ideally, we want to be pain free or near pain free between sessions. If your pain is coming back before your next scheduled session, ask your therapist if they think coming in more frequently for a while would help you. Ask your therapist how purchasing a package can help you save money on your massage treatments and earn you rewards towards your future treatments with us. It is recommended clients pre-book their next session at their current session. This is how you can assure  yourself to stay on a schedule for your treatments but also claims your appointment spot with your therapist so you're not struggling to get in when you realize its time.