Our mission is to bring quality massage therapy treatments to every hard working Coloradan. The top reason why people don’t receive their recommended monthly massage is because massage is too expensive. Well we want to smash that excuse for good! Because you only get one body, you HAVE to take care of it. So our prices are designed to fit into everyone’s already tight budget.

We appreciate every person and every life that we are given the opportunity to connect with and heal. Our business is very personal and we are honored that you choose us as your Massage Therapists. We promise to always have your health, wellness, and overall well-being as our first priority.



AMC wanted to design a company geared toward the clients and massage therapists not towards the profit of the business. We designed a business model that compensates therapists more, gives them complete control over their schedule, and allows them more down time while still earning a living wage. All while helping them grow professionally and offering clients professional massage treatments at extremely affordable rates.


AMC is a company that connects clients with great therapists and establishes lifelong client/therapist relationships. We help massage therapists grow their personal clientele and teach them how to successfully operate their own private practice. No more losing track of your favorite therapist.


AMC offers a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for clients to find the perfect licensed massage therapist that fits their needs. As long as the therapist remains under contract with AMC, clients will be able to schedule with their therapist through us. If/when a therapist leaves they will be provided a list of their regular clientele or their forwarding information will be provided to inquiring clients if provided to us by the therapist prior to departing. (A regular is defined as a client that is being treated at least once per month.)


Because our therapists are contracted workers, they experience the profit and loss aspects of a private practice. Because they decide when they do and don't work, they're happier and not overworked. The sole fact they are their own boss and AMC is just their advisor makes this unlike any other “job” for them and making a massage experience unlike any other for clients.

When you visit AMC, you're more than just a body. You're a therapist's potential lifelong client that they care deeply for. You’re helping a therapist build a career. You're helping a therapist earn what they deserve. You're helping change the face of massage therapy businesses forever.