What is The Level System?

We are so glad you asked!

Don't let the level system fool you. The level of your therapist doesn't have any effect on the quality of treatment you will receive.

The level system was designed to offer quality, professional massage treatments across a wide price range to fit into everyone's budget. It also offers our massage therapists room for growth within our company which corporate massage companies couldn't offer.

Our therapists are paid a standard commission percentage per service they provide to their clients. As they work their way up the level system they are rewarded with 5% commission increases with each level jump as well as a $5 service price increase which ends up equaling out to about a $5 raise with each level jump.

Because higher level services pay for lower level ones, if you feel your therapist deserves more for the treatment they provide to you, clients are more than welcome to purchase a higher level service to cover the service with their lower level therapist. The therapist will always make their commission percentage on a service. The higher the cost of the service, the more the therapist receives on the commission end.

Our level system allows you, our clients, to decide what you can or are willing to pay for a massage treatment and, it allows AMC's therapists to have a much more rewarding career path.

Thank you for being a part of our family and growth!

-AMC Family