Giuliana Owner/LMT

Hello! I'm Giuliana. I am the owner as well as a licensed massage therapist here at AMC. I began AMC in 2014 as Giuliana's Affordable Massage. As my clientele and business grew, so did the name. Here we are now in 2019 as Aurora, Colorado's one and only original Affordable Massage Company. We have really grown into quite an amazing company that you'd need to experience to believe.

I am a Colorado native. Born and raised right here in Aurora it only made sense to set up roots at home. I graduated from the Cortiva Institute (formally The Denver School Of Massage) in Feb 2011. Ever since then, I've been building and practicing my massage therapy skills to deliver my clients the absolute best results.


I have experience in clinical settings as well as spa like settings and from that I was able to develop a perfect balance between a medical/relaxing atmosphere as well as personal technique.

In my close to 10 years of practicing massage therapy I've learned a lot from being not only a giver of massage but also a receiver. Receiving massage treatments myself has allowed me to perfect my gentle yet effective technique.

I pride myself in my "gentle yet effective" technique. Don't let the word "gentle" fool you in terms of my pressure capabilities. Every person has a completely different perception of pain. What may be considered as deep
pressure to one person may be light pressure to another. Pressure is different treatment to treatment, person to person. I've learned that with a little help from my clients, I can get the absolute perfect pressure each and every session.

Fact of the matter with massage is, there's a lot of confusion on what a good massage treatment should feel like. You'll have to head over to my blog page to read more on what a good massage treatment is. I strongly urge you to do so because my 10 years experience suggests most people are confused on what they should be looking for out of their massage treatments. You might just be one of them and my blog can help you get even more out of your massage treatments with whomever your therapist is. The key to a great treatment is great client/therapist communication!

I currently only accept established clients of mine and new clients occasionally. My schedule is reserved for my established clients but keep an eye out on our Facebook page or the news and promo page of our website for
opportunities to snag a session with me. Seeing me once establishes you as a client. So definitely keep an eye out for an opportunity to get in.

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